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When a couple divorces, the marriage ends but the relationship often doesn’t, especially if there are children involved. You’ll share graduations, weddings, grandchildren and other family milestones. Your divorce journey doesn’t have to be difficult. We help you work towards a peaceful transition based on mutually acceptable solutions, as well as create a foundation for solving future problems that may arise.

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Includes a team of professionals that ensure a holistic solution.

Magnified Grass

A limited scope representation where we handle all aspects of the case through settlement. Does not include court representation.

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If you and your spouse have already established terms, or are confident you can, and simply need help with forms, this is the best solution for you.


Collaborative Divorce

The word divorce often conjures images of emotionally charged negotiations where the spouses are trying to best each other in the final act of their marriage. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Collaborative divorce works towards a holistic solution, one that looks past blame and focuses on an honest, fair solution for both parties.

Your collaborative divorce team includes attorneys, a divorce coach, neutral financial advisor and a child specialist as needed. This approach does not mean a higher cost.


The size of the divorce “pie” doesn’t change, it is just divided differently. By using the right expert, we can help clients get to a better solution more efficiently. Each spouse will hire their own attorney but the cost of the other team members is split between the spouses. We will sign a separate Collaborative Participation Agreement with your spouse and their counsel that will provide specific guidelines for this process.


Collaborative divorce is an hourly rate service.

Settlement Divorce


Did you know that all divorces in Central Iowa are required to go to mediation?

More than 95% of divorce cases reach settlement through this process, so there is no time in court.

While not as in depth as a collaborative divorce, a Settlement Divorce (also known as limited representation) is a “cooperative” approach that allows couples to work through their differences without going to court. This option includes the drafting of all necessary documents as well as mediation. It does not include court representation.


Settlement divorce is an hourly rate service.


Kitchen Table Divorce


When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin divorced several years ago, they announced not that they were divorcing but they were going through a “conscious uncoupling.”  While this term could also be applied to a collaborative divorce, by the news accounts it appears that this famous couple hammered out the details of their “uncoupling” and then went to their lawyers. It is easy to envision them sitting around the kitchen table and amicably discussing how they wanted to move forward in the best interests of the family. The kitchen table divorce is exactly that.

If you and your spouse have already come to an agreement but need assistance with the preparation of forms, this is your solution.

This is a flat fee service that covers the drafting of all necessary paperwork from the petition to the final decree. If a QDRO is necessary to divide retirement assets that will be an additional fee.

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A peaceful transition is possible.

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