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Whether in a for profit business or a non-profit organization, we are all called to be a contribution in the world. We have a vision. We see a need our skills can fulfill to make someone's life easier or improve our community. When things are running smoothly and we are living our vision the energy is invigorating. The challenge is keeping aligned with our great good in the world when we hit life's rumble strips

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Conscious Contracts®

The Conscious Contracts® process is so much more than the agreements it produces. It creates a shift in how we approach each other, our work and the world.


In this process I serve as a guide to help clients discover, or rediscover, their values, vision and mission. We work together to design a new way to talk about who we are and how we want to work together. This systemic approach looks at both the big picture and individual needs to create the best environment for those involved to live their shared vision and mission in the world.


Part of this system is a plan for addressing change and engaging disagreement. No matter how grand and noble our vision, it is still being enacted by humans with all their emotions and limitations. The question becomes, how do we recognize our weaknesses (we all have them) and help each other do better? With a consciously designed plan our conflicts and challenges shift from being a fire to put out to something more like a rumble strip – something that wakes us up so we can adjust and get back on the road.

Conscious Contracts® can be used throughout your organization to design

  • contracts,

  • policies and procedures,

  • succession planning,

  • team building,

  • communication and conflict resolution plans

  • conscious leadership training

The basic elements of the Conscious Contract® process are described below. For more information on Conscious Contracts® including video and graphic explanations visit our Conscious Contracts® website


It all starts with understanding who we are. What are our values, vision and mission? What is the big audacious good we want to do in the world? Are our values and vision sufficiently aligned to be an effective team?

Operating Agreement of Me

To work together it is essential to understand each other. What drives us? How do we work best? How do we respond to stress? How can we help each other?


Change and disagreements are inevitable, how will you address them together? What is your plan for good communication to catch things early?

How will you ask for help when needed?

Action Plan

Now that the core system is in place, what are the details and next steps of the project? What does done look like? What is needed from each person?

Mediation & Collaborative Practice in Organizations

Our people are the biggest resource in any organization. We like to think that we have a "work self" and a " personal self" but we really don't. We can change our outward appearance and control how we present ourselves but the inner workings, the things that make us tick, our joys and burdens, are always with us. 


Whether conflict looks like a big blow up or just the sludge that comes from unresolved issues gumming up the gears, mediation provides a space to deal with the elephants in the room with a trained facilitator to guide the process and help those involved chart a new path forward.

Collaborative practice adds a team element to this process. Sometimes we need other resources to help us design our next step to ensure that all stakeholders and necessary elements are included in the solution. Collaborative practice teams provide neutral resources so you have the information you need to make the design your next step.

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