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Blame, grief, disappointment are just a few of the emotions that can create a challenge when divorcing or dealing with a failing family member. How you work through those feelings can determine how easy — or difficult — finding a solution will be.


As an impartial third party, we will work with you to settle your conflict using a structured process that emphasizes constructive communication among all parties.


Divorce Mediation

In Iowa, 95% of divorces are settled outside of court.  This is in large part because mediation is a mandatory for divorcing couples.


The mediation process is actually quite simple. Think of it as conversation with a referee present to make sure the conversation is productive. As that referee, we guide you through conversation while moving towards an amicable solution. You may be represented by an attorney, or you may come to mediation on your own. Please note that under Iowa law, if we mediate a session, we cannot provide legal advice to the parties involved to avoid conflicts of interest.


Mediation is often completed in one meeting, but it may take additional time depending on your needs. At the end of mediation, we will provide a mediated agreement that the couple can either use to fill out the court provided forms or they may choose to use a drafting attorney to prepare the necessary paperwork for them.

Elder Mediation

No one likes to think about getting older, so often times important decisions about end-of-life decisions are left unmade. Without a set plan, families find themselves at odds because they are only guessing at what the parent or loved one wanted done on their behalf.  Add in unresolved feelings or other factors such as blended families, and the situation often escalates.


In elder mediation, we are a neutral third party who assists families by guiding them through a process for productive communication and decision making.


We help families:


  • Identify values and priorities

  • Determine what must happen, what can’t happen

  • Find available resources — people and finances

  • Formalize the plan

  • Develop a process for resolving future issues

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A peaceful transition is possible.

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