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Water Ripple

About Us

My practice is based on my belief in the potential of humanity. We are capable of so much more than we realize, and my experience has taught me that people want to do better. Where we stumble is with the how. In my work with families or organizations, I focus on meeting people where they are and helping them get to a better place. No one enjoys living in conflict but it is easy to get stuck and not be able to see a way out. I have the training and skills to help clients get out of the muck of conflict and back on the road to their future. 


I envision a world that honors the dignity and inherent value of every person and where the resolution of conflict is restorative rather than retributive.


My mission is to provide a values-centered process for clients to problem solve in the present and plan for the future. By focusing on solutions rather than blame, I help clients transition to their next stage of life without the baggage and collateral damage that often comes with an adversarial system.

My Story


I grew up in Des Moines. After graduating from Roosevelt, I headed south to Vanderbilt University in Nashville for my undergrad in communication. It was a wonderful four years that made me realize that I am a Midwesterner at heart, so I returned home and worked for the family business for a few years before law school at Drake.

So why the name Harmony Law?


I love music. I played the harp through high school and still pick it up now and then. I also sing in the chancel choir at Plymouth church. I have been singing in choirs since I was young, and it has been a consistent source of joy in my life.


Harmony in music is the weaving together of different elements into something more than they can be on their own. Music also teaches us that a little dissonance in the chord does not destroy the piece, it is the path we need to follow to get to the resolution.


This is how I see my work with people. Sometimes we need to work through the dissonance to get to resolution but in the end, we build a harmony that honors the contribution of each person.


My work focuses on mediation, coaching and facilitation because I am at my best when I am working for the good of the whole rather than limited to just representing one side. We are all interconnected and when those connections are damaged, when our dignity has been wounded or our needs ignored, conflict is created. In order to find resolution, we need to dig deep and address the underlying need and, if we have an ongoing relationship with the people involved, we also need to learn how to engage in conflict differently so that we avoid repeating the situation in the future.

That’s where I come in.

Whether it is integrative mediation, collaborative practice or Conscious Contracts®, I work with clients to help them learn about their own communication habits (the pros and the pitfalls), new tools to help them communicate their needs in a way that will be heard, and how to design a new process for addressing issues in the future before they reach the boiling point.

Banana Leaves

A peaceful transition is possible.