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Water Ripple

Workshops & Trainings

We all know the old adage about giving someone a fish vs teaching them to fish. I want to teach people how to communicate and engage differently. What I love about my work in mediation, collaborative practice and Conscious Contracts® is the change I see in people as they learn to communicate in a way that is authentic to who they are without putting them in competition with someone else. Contrary to a lot of the messaging we receive, we aren't that different from one another and the biggest needs that come up over and over again are peace and love. By working together, we are able to redesign our world and unleash the possibility of "yes, and" rather than "either/or". 

Tranforming your organization with Conscious Contracts®

The Conscious Contracts® is about so much more than our written agreements. The agreements are great, but the real power lies in the deep trust and understanding created through development of the touchstone and design of a process to address change and engage disagreement. Or, put another way, how we ensure that we will hold to our word when stress makes us (temporarily) lose our mind.

Workshop topics include

  • Creating Our Personal Touchstone and Operating Agreement of Me. Imagine starting on a new team where each member came to the table authentically and honestly with a clear explanation of who they are, how they work best, and the team support that will help them succeed. This workshop helps participants identify their personal touchstone and how they work best as individuals and on the team.

  •  Creating a Touchstone and ACED. The Touchstone and ACED (process for Addressing Change and Engaging Disagreement) are the primary components of the Conscious Contracts® process. On an organizational level, these ensure alignment throughout the organization and create systems that ensure different areas work in a supportive way rather than in "silos" and provides a process to address and adapt to changing circumstances while staying aligned with the Touchstone.


Collaborative Practice Introductory Training

Collaborative practice takes dispute resolution out of the courthouse and puts the resolution back in the hands of those involved. The practice took off in family law and is now spreading into elder, probate and civil areas of dispute. The Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice training meets the requirements of IACP and is offered several times each year. 

Banana Leaves

A peaceful transition is possible.