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Water Ripple

Workplace Solutions

Conflicts aren’t limited to just our personal lives. The strategies we employ for our divorce and mediation clients work well in business, too. Whether you are looking for a contract to firm up that handshake deal, or need to resolve conflict between employees, we can help.

Conscious Contracts

It is important to write things down if you are entering an agreement. Yet, traditional contracts have become associated with mistrust and written with lawyers and judges in mind, so most people are inclined to seal the agreement with a simple handshake.


Conscious contracts represent a new standard in writing agreements: they are written for the people using them. We start with an in-depth discussion of the goals and values of the participants to see if their alignment is strong enough for the partnership to work. We identify clear expectations, both for the big picture as well as day-to-day, and develop communication techniques that will work for all involved. Finally, we help you identify a process for addressing future changes and disagreements.


Conscious contracts are billed on an hourly basis.


Workplace Mediation

Did you know the vast majority of difficulties in organizations stem from strained relationships between employees, not from deficits in skill or motivation?


When people work together there is bound to be a conflict regarding some aspect of workload or work environment. How it is handled determines whether it is a passing nuisance or it is the foundation for a greater disruption. Workplace mediation provides a safe environment to work through a conflict. It empowers the participants to develop a new plan to work together - without repeating the conflict. 


With a workplace conflict, people are waiting to see whether the leadership is going to deal with it directly or whether it will be shoveled under the rug until someone trips on it.  Mediation is an effective tool that allows your organization to directly address the conflict and get back to doing business.

Banana Leaves

A peaceful transition is possible.